Great Wedding Day Photography Ideas

Getting married is an event that you want to remember forever. Life changes as you become one with your life partner, and those cherished memories cannot be captured any better than with photographs. A visit to will enlighten you to outstanding wedding photography Melbourne that articulates those photos that you want to look back on forever.

Since wedding photographs are far more challenging than the traditional photo, think outside of the box when it is time to snap your shots. We want to share with you some pretty awesome wedding photography ideas that ensure your photographs are all that you want and more. Ensure that you entrust Nova to capture these special wedding day memories for you.

First, before the ceremony, you want to take photographs of the wedding dress as it hangs. The bride’s wedding dress is usually the center of talk on this big day, so capturing a shot of it before the bride slips it on is a must.

Bridesmaids can write sentimental messages on the shoes of the bride. Then photograph the shoes. This is a unique idea that you won’t find a lot of people using, but still one that will forever remain close to your heart.

The flowers at the wedding will not last as long as the marriage, so make sure that there is a photograph of all of the lovely bouquets present at the wedding. Any couple will enjoy looking back at the fresh flowers that helped set the ambiance of their big day.

An antique looking mirror with the bride admiring herself is yet another precious memory to capture on camera. Stand back far enough so the bride is shown in full length, and take a picture or two.

Use Scrabble pieces and the holder to put the bride and groom’s rings on. Use the tile pieces to type out Mr. and Mrs. beside each ring, and grab a few photographs of them. Again, another unique idea that is sure to delight you.

Finally, a shot of the groom the first time he sees his wife during the ceremony is another must take. This is an expression that will be seen only once in a lifetime, and having that as a lasting memory in a photograph is priceless.

Saying ‘I do’ is a very special day for any couple. With these wedding photography ideas, you are sure to look forward to looking back on all of your special memories.

The MV Melburian Yarra Riverboat Cruise Is An Exciting Venue For Your Next Occasion

If you’re looking for a pleasant way to cruise the Yarra River or just a new venue for a special occasion, then look no further than the MV Melburian chartered riverboat cruise. The MV Melburian is a restored wood riverboat that was built in 1945 and restored in 1999. The MV Melburian is operated by skilled captains and crew to provide you with smooth sailing along the Yarra River and other waterways. The MV Melburian can be chartered for a visit to any part of the cities assorted waterways. Your cruise can take you to the Williamstown harbor, any of Melbourne’s and St. Kilda dockyards, as well as the Maribyrnong river, in addition to the Yarra River highlights from the areas of Crown and Southgate to the Hawthorn and Toorak riverbanks.

When you charter the MV Melburian, there is room for you and up to 29 fellow travelers. This riverboat is the perfect location for business conferences or private gatherings such as family get-togethers and weddings. The riverboat has features that make it the perfect place for many occasions. There is a galley kitchen so that you can feed your guests, along with a wood veneer saloon with an abundance of seating so your guests have a comfortable place to enjoy their meal. There is a sundeck with plenty of seating for enjoying the fresh air, along with heating and a sound system so that your guests are comfortable and entertained. The MV Melburian has everything you need to tend to your guests in high style while you cruise the river.

The next time you are looking for somewhere new and exciting to host a gathering, you should definitely keep the MV Melburian in mind. This celebrated riverboat was built by the Bottrill Shipyards, along with many of its brethren, for the Australian Armed Forces in the year 1942 for service in the Pacific islands and Papua new Guinea as platoon or cargo transports. After the hostilities concluded, the boat spent a brief tenure used by the Australian Customs Service, then as a towboat before coming into its latest glory as a riverboat cruiser. The MV Melburian has a long history that you can use to make memories. Take a closer look at online for more information on this luxury boat charter Melbourne and see if a chartered riverboat isn’t exactly what you’ve been looking for for your next special occasion.

Take A Cruise Along The Yarra On A Historic Ship

Many individuals who are looking for a great cruise can use a cruise down the Yarra river near Melbourne. This is a way to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, or can be a corporate charter for employees. Let them celebrate a job well done with an interesting cruise. Many people will enjoy their cruise down the Yarra, and will enjoy a fun adventure cruising in the Melbourne vicinity in a restored yacht. it is one of the the affordable options to enjoy and one that you can celebrate with your friends, loved ones, employees or co workers. Make sure you have a unique option when you make a reservation online on the the MV Meburinian.

The Melburnian has a unique and varied history. It was originally set up as a transport boat during World War II, and was involved in ferrying troops and equipment to Papua New Guinea and vicinity. It was a ship that served its time in the second World War. It is a boat that then was used by the custom service in Australia. The Melburnian was lovingly restored by a private owner who turned it into the touring yacht it is today. Remember the unique history when you choose to take a cruise on the MV Melburnian, a luxury boat charter Melbourne.

A cruise with a great sound system and dance floor is one of the things you will find when you are choosing to take a trip on the Melburnian. These are some of the things you will love and your friends or coworkers will too. These are some of the diverse options users will enjoy when cruising down the river. You can also dine in the restored galley, and or can enjoy casual dining or a 3 course meal when cruising on the MV Melburnian. Stop for shopping, enjoy nature or just relax. It is an afternoon cruise you will remember. Make your reservation today, and enjoy life at it’s finest.

The Melburnian is perfect when you are looking for a casual cruise or one for an anniversary birthday or something special you can use when you choose to cruise down the Yarra. It is one of the few things that are perfect for a formal or casual occasion. Most people like boating and those who enjoy cruising will certainly enjoy the MV Melburnian. It is a cruise like no other, and one that you will long remember.